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If there is anything that you cannot find on our website, we are here to help! Just send us and email with our contact us link with the name of the medicine or what you are looking to accomplish with it. If there is a brand name or generic that we can find to help you we will do everything to add it to our inventory.

Medicines Mexico offers quality at discount prices

Rest assured we will do our best to offer you the medicine you need at a price you can afford. We will always beat any prices you can find at your local USA pharmacy because of the diference in laws about medicine in Mexico. The quality is assured because Mexico law also requires very strict guidelines that are followed by all brand name and generic manufacturers.

Are brand name medicines the same as in the USA?

A lot of manufacturers chose to make their medicine in Mexico due to cost savings. Other than presentation for the Mexico market and spanish disclsures you will find it is the exact same product. Why spend 3 times as much for the same medicine you found at your local pharmacy when you can order it from Mexico?

Customs laws allow for a personal 90 day supply of your medicine to be delivered direct to your door. Send us an email to get us to start to find the medicine you need from your trusted online pharmacy.

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