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Artridol Gel indomethacin betamethasone 60 gr

On the off chance that its all the same to you control your master before taking any plan. Vapid name: Betametasona, Indometacina Brand name: Artridol Each 100g Gel contain: Dipropionato of betametasona identical to 50,0 mgs of betametasona Indometacina . 500,0 mgs. ARTRIDOL GEL is a mixof a calming steroid (betametasona) and assuaging a nonesteroideo one (indometacina) with hurt lessening activity, to help in the treatment of amazing traumatic techniques like post-traumatic disturbance of ligaments, ligaments and joints in light of turns, distensions and wounds. In spotted sorts of reumatismo of touchy weaves, bursitis, issue of shoulder-I stream and periartropatía. Set sorts of degenerative reumatismo like arthrosis of the outskirts joints and the spine. Artridol Gel might besides be utilized for purposes other than those recorded he

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