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Careprost Latisse Lumigan Brimatoprost 3 ml

Sympathetic insight your specialist before taking any prescription. Insipid Name: bimatoprost ophthalmic course of action Company: Allergan, Inc. Latisse is an once-step by step cure treatment joined with the base of the upper eyelashes with a sterile, single-use for each eye disposable instrument. Latisse customers can want to experience longer, all the more full and darker eyelashes in as small as eight weeks, with full realizes 16 weeks. To keep up effect, moved ahead with treatment with Latisse is required. If usage of Latisse is halted, eyelashes will continuously returned to where they were going before treatment over a period of weeks to months (ordinary eyelash hair cycle).

MSRP: $329.79
Our Price: $99.94
Savings: $229.85 (70%)

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