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Amisulpride Solian 200 mg 14 Tabs

It would be perfect in the event that you advise your specialist before taking any medication.generic name: Amisulpride Brand name: Solian Amisulpride (brand-name Solian) is an antipsychotic drug sold by Sanofi-Aventis. Amisulpride is a specific dopamine enemy. It has a high regular slant for D2 (Ki 2.8 nm) and D3 (Ki 3.2 nm) dopaminergic receptors. Its estimations ranges from 200 to 1200 mg/day. Lower estimations (short of what 50mg) exceptionally square d2 autoreceptors that control the blending and landing of dopamine. This results in an addition in dopaminergic transmission. This dopamine augmentation is guessed to cause a reduction in both depressive and negative appearances. Higher doses of the pharmaceutical impede the postsynaptic dopamine receptors realizing a change in psychoses. Amisulpride may moreover be used for distinctive purposes not recorded above.

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