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Climen Climene Estradio Cyproterone 2/1 mg 21 Tabs

Generous guidance your specialist before taking any solution. Estradiol proficient. Information of Climen The elegant ovaries are known to secretar a plan of sex hormones, the estrogens, that hope to keep the basic sexual change from the single individual under control. The region of these hormones is known to control the menstrual cycle of the female in the midst of its youthfulness. The menopause happens when the time of the female stops. From now on, the living being of the patient will make few estrogens. The levels of fall of hormones of refined sex are known to drive a couple of reactions, of which it could be included, with the assistance of Climen (an estrogen structure). Climene may moreover be used for purposes other than those recorded in this medication guide. Maker BAYER DE MEXICO S.a.

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