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Imigran Imitrex Sumatriptan 100 mg 2 tabs

On the off chance that its not greatly inconvenience direct your specialist before taking any medication. Brand name: Imitrex Generic name: Sumatriptan succinate Why is Imitrex embraced? Imitrex is suggested for the treatment of a cerebral pain attack with or without the region of a spread (visual unsettling impacts, commonly vibes of crowns or gleaming lights, which go before an ambush). The injectable structure is in like manner used to alleviate cluster cerebral torment ambushes. (Bunch cerebral agonies proceed in waves, then vanish for long times of time. They are obliged to one side of the head, and happen essentially in men.) Imitrex may moreover be used for purposes other than those recorded in this remedy helper.

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