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Potassium Chloride Kaliolite 500 mg 50 Tabs

Benevolent guidance your specialist before taking any pharmaceutical. Brand name: Micro-K, (Spanish name, Kaliolite) Generic name: Potassium chloride Why is Micro-K prescribed? Micro-K is used to treat or check low potassium levels in people who may stand up to potassium setback brought on by digitalis, non-potassium-sparing diuretics, and certain diseases. Potassium expect a key part in the best conceivable working of a far reaching assortment of skeletons in the body, including the kidneys, muscles, and nerves. In this manner, a potassium deficiency may have a far reaching mixed bag of effects, including dry mouth, thirst, reduced pee, weakness, shortcoming, tiredness, low circulatory strain, irritability, muscle fits, unusual heart rate, nausea, and heaving. Micro-K may also be used for purposes other than those recorded in this arrangement guide.

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